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This are some clients and projects in which Sense-Lab has worked with Strategy and Organizational Innovation:

Sense-Lab supports organizations from different sectors to innovate, plan and develop to meet the new challenges they face, incorporating the different movements and models that have emerged.

We work with organizational development, strategic planning, Innovation processes and culture, design and implementation of organizational structures through principles of self management, evolution of organizational purpose and development of strategies for organizational impact through the principles of regenerative organizations, which seek to minimize their negative externalities, while generating positive impacts on society and natural systems.


Organizational Strategy and Innovation

One of the main pillars of Sense-Lab is innovation, strategy and development of organizations of different natures, sizes and sectors. We understand that the present moment poses challenges for companies, the third sector, governments and entrepreneurs.
In the case of companies, the increasingly complex, unpredictable and dynamic environment requires unprecedented capacity for innovation and adaptation. With the exponential development of new technologies and markets, big companies like Kodak and Xerox have waned, while new players like Amazon and Google have become colossal in a few years.

      Companies face increasing pressure from different internal and external stakeholders to take a leading role in issues of collective interest and to remain relevant to society."

Companies are no longer expected to focus exclusively on generating financial returns, but rather to play an active and conscious role in the global community. Retention of talent, in a time when young people do not only want professional growth and financial rewards, but also to work on something significant for the world, becomes a major challenge, along with organizational learning and the achievement and retention of increasingly critical customers.

Now in the third sector we perceive a difficulty to address the growing collective challenges, from the social, environmental and collective governance point of view, in an isolated way. New alliances are necessary, as well as the evolution of strategies, management models and new mechanisms of financial sustainability.

In this context, new movements emerge, such as Conscious Capitalism, Evolutionary Organizations, B Corps, Social Enterprises and Regenerative Organizations, and new models and structures such as Holacracy, Sociocracy and self-management, and financial models to generate impact.

Innovation to create shared value

Raising awareness and training EDP's collaborators, focusing on the structuring of a social innovation laboratory by its Foundation. The work involved knowledge transfer, learning journeys in low-income communities and developing proposals for new initiatives with the potential to create shared value.

Organizational Development 

Strategic Planning 

Innovation Processes and Culture 

Organizational Structures and Self-Management 

Purpose and Organizational Impact