Andreas is founding partner at Sense-Lab, an organization that works with strategy and innovation focused on developing organizations, social systems and leaders. Ahead of the enterprise he lead several projects, both with non profit and for profit organizations in different scales, focusing on organizational innovation and strategy, business design and multi-stakeholder processes.

Before founding Sense-Lab, he worked for 9 years in different companies. He acted in a sustainability consultancy, in supply chain, strategic planning and project management in the Holding of the Votorantim Group, a large Brazilian industrial conglomerate, and as managing partner in a medium size engineering company, manufacturer of industrial equipment. Andreas has professional and academic experience in Germany, USA, China and Brazil.

He was guest lecturer for Social Entrepreneurship at Insper Business School for 3 years, and currently lectures as local faculty at the Social Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Technology, Design and Social Change course at World Learning, where students from high level American universities study the subject in San Francisco, Uganda India and Brazil, and also at Amani Institute and Instituto de Pós-Graduação e Graduação in Goiás.
Andreas has an engineering major at Poli-USP and at RWTH-Aachen University in Germany, an MBA in Strategic Business Management at FGV and Certificate in Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. He also completed the practical course in social enterprises at Artemisia, co-facilitated several participatory project development processes in low income communities and mentored entrepreneurs  from the base of the pyramid. 


A great dreamer, who puts himself in motion for a better world, Lucas graduated in Communication and Marketing at Mackenzie and always questioned how he can but his abilities at the service of a greater purpose. Because of this quest he initiated his professional path at a startup focused on sustainable solutions, where he worked for 3 years, and worked as manager at, an NGO focused at crowd funding for social impact initiatives.


Besides his abilities with communication, Lucas specialized in community engagement processes, collective dialogue facilitation and social enterprises, and found great motivation in working inside communities in social vulnerability.


He became a Warrior Without Weapons in the year 2014 and coordinator of the Mirandas Community at the NGO Teto, where he acted with local development for 1 year. He also participated in the Young Talent programa at Arymax Foundation and post-graduated in Social Innovation Management at Amani Institute. 

Lucas acted in the Business Design for Change course at Sense-Lab since its conception, participating in the development of its learning process and facilitating several of its groups. Currently he coordinates the communication area and learning programs at Sense-Lab, besides facilitating several projects focused on social enterprises.


The graduation in journalism gave Carol a good start and after finishing the course, he started working in TV Globo in London. Back to Brasil, she had a long carrier at Editora Abril, where she had the opportunity to work in several magazines, like Veja, Claudia, Bons Fluidos, Men's Health, Estilo, Nova, Boa Forma among others.

But it was her passion for people and for Africa that brought her to her postgraduation in Social Management and specialization in the African Continent, besides diving into the world of volunteer work and unconventional travels, as a season in Liberia.


Her free, curious and adventurous spirit made Carol explore the world, which is another great passion - travel and different cultures. After a passage through a multinational company working with social projects, in Brasil and Dubai, she opted to focus all her professional and multicultural experience, her energy, passion for other human beings and gratitude for life, on businesses that make a difference in the several social and environmental issues that we face around the world.


Post graduated in Marketing at FAAP and Business Administration at FGV-EAESP, Yurik acted for 10 years in Trade Marketing and Sales at organizations as Diageo and Johnson&Johnson. During this trajectory, the interest for projects focused on social transformation and the creation of collective value for a better society arose.

He completed the practical course in social enterprises at Artemisia, acted as facilitador for young entrepreneurs at Junior Achievement - Entrepreneurship to Transform and organized several initiatives in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yurik is member of the Art of Hosting community of practice for co-creative processes and acts as guest lectured for social entrepreneurship at Insper Business School.


Guided by the purpose of human empowerment and scoial innovation, he currently is partner at Sense-Lab, dedicating his time to structuring enterprises and facilitating processes focused on positive impact.


Alice is partner at Sense-Lab and has been dedicated to support organizations, develop and disseminate knowledge in the field of social enterprises and social finance, besides studying the development of organizations and leadership inspired by nature. She acted in projects involving business accelerators and incubators, mentoring entrepreneurs and developing tools and processes for the field of social finance. She also co-developed and facilitated the Business Design for Change program, a practical and experiential social enterprise course.


Alice has graduated in business administration at the University of Edinburgh and has a Master in Environmental Technology from the Imperial College London. She is motivated by environmental social causes and always knew that her believes didn't completely match the traditional way of doing business.


She worked at the cosmetic company Natura and has experience in climate change and sustainability consultancy both in Brazil, at Key Associados, and at the United Kingdom, at ERM London. She also worked at ERM Foundation, with projects related to low carbon enterprises.

After 8 years in UK, Alice chose to come back to Brazil to work with causes that are closer to her heart and contribute to build a better country and she believes social and environmental entrepreneurship has a huge role in this path.


Graduated in Civil Engineering at Unicamp, with postgraduation and master in the environmental area at Poli-USP, Eduardo has experience in the academy, private enterprises and corporate foundations. During the 10 years since his graduation, he acted with environmental management consultancy projects, especially with a tool called Life Cycle Analysis.

Although Eduardo built a stable carrier and desired by many, he started to question himself if his work was really connected to his purpose. When he understood that the answer was no, he decided to search responses for this unease. 

Fortunately, it didn't take long for the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship crossed his way. From there on, he did online courses and went trough a transforming in person experience, the Business Design for Change course, offered by Sense-Lab. Months later he decided to join the team with the dream to contribute to the improvement of lives in low income communities. 

He loves to play tennis and doesn't refuse some good time with his friends.

Associated Consultants


Rob is a consultant specialized in training, facilitation processes, team development and social enterprises. He designed training programas focused on entrepreneurship and leadership for entrepreneurs, professional and university students for organizations as Artemisia, FGV-EAESP, ICE and SEBRAE-MS. As founder of the Brazilian chapter of ANDE (Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs), he lead and planed strategic and operational planning, and established governance processes. He was international director of AIESEC, responsible for global strategic planning and coaching for 20 national offices.


Rob graduated in Economy at the University of Nottingham - UK, and postgraduated in Group Dynamics focusing on teams of entrepreneurial organizations at SBDG - RS. He also has a certificate in Leadership Beyond Boundaries from the Center for Creative Leadership - USA. Born in England, Rob lives in Brazil since 2008.


Motivated by inspiring leadership that nurture the fullness of life, authenticity, truth and integrity, Thomas works as facilitator of collaborative processes and organizational innovation, and believes that new cultures and collective structures, based on autonomy, trust and decentralisation are necessary to serve life on the planet in this complex moment.


He started his journey graduating in Computer Engineering at Poli-USP, worked with environmental management and sustainability (carbon credit and solid waste), studied Environmental Management and Business in the Energy Sector at IEE-USP, and Biopsychology at Instituto Visão Futuro.

Thomas found his vocation when he helped to bring the Art of Hosting, an approach towards leadership and collaborative processes, to Brazil in 2006. The lead him to found CoCriar - Collaborative Practices, a consultancy company where he acts, parallel to his partnership with Sense-Lab.