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About Sense-Lab


Sense-Lab is a purpose-driven B-company that works by catalyzing and developing diverse stakeholders, whether they are civil society organizations, companies, ecosystem facilitators or networks involving representatives from different sectors.


We catalyze civil society organizations, companies, ecosystem promoters or networks that are mainly focused on two priority themes: Evolution towards a regenerative economic system and business and Climate Protection and Regeneration, Forests and Sociobiodiversity.


"We work with projects and processes of organizational development and multi-stakeholder articulation based on dialogue, cooperation and collective construction."

Sense-Lab  |  About

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Our Name

We seek meaning in our actions, developing initiatives that have a purpose.

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. For a solution to be good, it must be developed and tested in practice.



Acting Principles

We work on people

We understand that all social systems, including organizations, are networks of people who interact through dialogue processes;

We move forward through dialogue

We believe in dialogue and participation as foundations for the development of effective and healthy social systems;

We include different perspectives

We understand that complex problems can only be solved by including the voices of the different actors that make up the system;

We focus on dynamic adaptation

We realize that we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous time, where the ability to perceive reality and adapt is necessary to ensure the relevance and resilience of people, organizations and systems.

We create maps of reality

We believe that stories, models and representations cannot portray reality, but they help us to talk about and make sense of it.



​Sense-Lab is guided by 7 values ​​(collaboration, collective value, systemic vision, transparency, innovative essence and making it happen) defined by its members throughout the planning cycles since its foundation, based on the sum of their individual values, with care as a central element.

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