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Sense-Lab offers guides and ebooks focused on strategy and organizational development, conscious leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship to create shared value.


New Business for Economic Systems Change 

The publication "New Businesses for Economic Systems Change" explores the ecosystem of organizations leading the way toward a regenerative, stakeholder-driven economic system. Based on desk research and interviews with key actors, the publication seeks to understand and promote new business models that align business operations with social and environmental objectives. Based on tools and approaches from the school of systems thinking, the study also analyzes the movement towards a regenerative economy based on business transformation.

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Impact-driven strategic management

Ten years ago, Sense-Lab appeared. It was created based on the ideal of bringing strategy and innovation to the field of socio-environmental impact through dialogic processes and synthesis of collective ideas. We were born believing that conversations change the world and that all social transformation begins with interaction between people.


Model C – An Integrated Approach to Modeling Impact Businesses

From the need for an integrated vision, including the questions necessary to understand, model and reflect on an Impact Business in its fullness, a new approach, named Model C, emerges. In this model, the business dimensions are present and demonstrate how the enterprise sustains itself financially through a market logic. However, the flow manifests itself in parallel with the social and/or environmental impact of a Theory of Change.

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