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Catalysing Positive Change

We catalyze the development of people, organizations and ecossystems in a world of possibilities, changes and exponential challenges. 


Where is our intention

We seek the transition to a regenerative society and economy, promoting balance, equity, diversity and well-being for people and the planet.


Evolving through dialogue

Our way of organizing, planning and acting needs to evolve. The current scenario requires constant attention and adaptation, and only dialogue, collaboration and involvement from different perspectives can create organizations capable of generating real value for society and the planet.


We understand organizations and networks as living systems composed of a web of relationships between individuals. Thus, we help you to facilitate the necessary dialogue processes to guide the transformation of these systems.


What we do

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Organization Development 

We support the development of purpose, strategy, estructure and culture of organizations for them to remain relevant, resilient and adaptative.

Ecosystems and Multi-stakeholder Networks Development

We facilitate the structuring and strengthening of ecosystems and networks of collaboration and innovation to generate positive transformations in the environment, in society and in our economic system.

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Leadership Training

We help prepare and train leaders to address the complexity and rapid pace of transformations, lead organizations through uncertainty, and be agents of positive change. 



Processes and Services

 We develop and implement projects in Brazil and around the world for organizations from different sectors, whether public, private or civil society organizations. Our processes are based on a combination of knowledge and strategic tools with participatory methodologies and facilitation of dialogues to generate convergence internally or between organizations. We always focus on generating positive transformations for society and the planet.


Learn more about our services and get in touch to explore project development opportunities with Sense-Lab!



Our work in the world


Sense-Lab Brazil

Direct Work

Indirect Work

Sense-Lab, in addition to a strong presence in Brazil with a focus on the country's role in solving major global challenges, has also expanded its international operations through global networks that seek a positive transformation in the world. Through projects with these networks, we have acted directly and indirectly in dozens of countries.







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