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Focusing on People

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A great catalyst for the necessary transformations to occur in the current context is the awareness of the leadership behavior pattern itself, and the changes that need to be made at the individual and relationship level to promote systemic change. We support transformation agents to operate from a new locus, suspending their thought patterns and seeing the whole, the systems in which they are inserted and their interrelationships.

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Transformative Leadership Training

Sense-Lab designs and facilitates training and learning processes with partners, taking into account the particular needs of each organization.

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Individual Support for Leaderships

Through individual conversations, we lead leaders in learning processes that promote an expansion of perception and vision of the world.

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Systemic Leadership Training

The Systemic Leadership program was a training created by Sense-Lab, which seeks to explore the profile of the new leadership needed to advance in different sectors, and how their level of awareness impacts and moves organizational and social dynamics. Works with the structuring of complex systems and new organizational forms.

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